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12 June 09:00

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  • Webinar Friday 12th June, dedicated to the future of European construction.
  • Webinar presentations include detailed forecasts for the European construction market 2020-2022.
  • Euroconstruct's reports with detailed construction market forecasts for 19 European countries will be released to all conference participants at 9 am, 12 June. 
  • Due to current uncertainty caused by coronavirus pandemic, updated versions of market forecasts will be provided in August 2020.

The corona outbreak is turning the world as we know it upside down.

It is perhaps more important than ever to prepare for different scenarios to come. The Euroconstruct network of experts is working hard to be able to present analyses helping all type of players in the European construction market to plan for the future – even though this future is much more uncertain. However, as uncertainty sweeps over us – we have decided to switch our traditional conferences on to a digital platform. Instead of inviting you to Stockholm this summer, we will broadcast the full conference live from a top-class studio in Stockholm, enabling you to participate from any country or location!

We will adjust the conference programme to cover the consequences of this crisis both in the short and long term perspective. This also by presenting an extra update of our forecast in August.

The webinar is arranged by Prognoscentret AB, a member of Europe's leading construction market forecasting network Euroconstruct
This 89th conference is part of a semi-annual series of lectures on the outlook of the European construction markets covered by the Euroconstruct network.

About Euroconstruct's reports

EUROCONSTRUCT provides detailed bi-annual construction market forecasts for the overall economy and all main Construction sectors: residential construction, non-residential construction and civil engineering.

The forecasts are presented at the EUROCONSTRUCT conferences for the first time and are published in the EUROCONSTRUCT Country and Summary Reports. 
The reports currently cover 19 European countries. 

Euroconstruct Country report
Country-by-country Construction market analyses (~480 pages)

  • 19 countries
  • 3 main building areas
  • including subsectors &
  • macro-economic trends

      Euroconstruct Summary Report
      Europe-wide sectoral construction market overview (~190 pages) 

      • Overall economy
      • Housing Construction
      • Non-residential
      • Civil engineering

      For additional information and sample reports, please visit Euroconstruct Reports.  


      Fredrik Torberger
      Director Citizens & Societies at Kairos Future

      A new Europe rising - trends shaping the way of living and working

      Fredrik Torberger is Director for the department Citizens & Societies, focusing on regional development, the public sector and the civic society. An energetic speaker, bringing a broad spectrum of analysis together when depicting the likely future.

      Connect on LinkedIn

      Janne Haaland Matlary
      Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

      Post-Brexit and other Crises: How stable is Europe?

      Christina Nyman
      Chief Economist at Handelsbanken

      The economic policies of Europe - Creaking or cracking?

      Shaping European economy - by accident or purpose?

      Christina Nyman

      Christina Nyman has been at Handelsbanken since 2017 and has been it´s Chief Economist since December 2018.

      She has more than 20 years of experience in business analysis and practical monetary policy.

      Prior to Handelsbanken, Christina spent 10 years at the Riksbank, where she was responsible for producing the work that formed the basis of the Executive Board's interest rate decisions.

      Anna Kramers
      Program director for Mistra SAMS (Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services)

      A sustainable future for Europe - Dream or reality?

      Smart cities and climate targets: reducing cities' energy use with ICT.

      Anna Kramers

      Anna Kramers holds a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Environmental Strategic Analysis with a focus on smart cities and digitalization to achieve climate targets.

      Anna has over 20 years of experience in the IT and telecom industry and is currently working as a researcher at KTH. She is the program director for the Mistra SAMS (Sustainable Accessibility and Mobility Services) research program. The program focuses on how digitalization can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, primarily from transport.

      Josep Ramon Fontana
      Head of Market Research, ITeC

      Head of Market Research at ITeC (Spain) and editor of the Spanish country report for Euroconstruct.

      ITeC does not follow the pattern of most Euroconstruct members, which are institutes or consulting agencies that make economic research and have a team that specializes in construction. Instead, ITeC is a construction specialist that has a team that tackles the economic side of this sector. Therefore, ITeC can help construction companies with their market strategy, but also with their environmental strategy, the quality strategy of their product portfolio or even with their product research and development.

      Josep Fontana has realised that nearly 30 years of experience in the construction market is barely enough to understand what makes companies successful in a market as complex and volatile as this one. His tactic to deal with this complexity is looking in each research project for the story buried within that waits to be told.

      Tuomas Laitinen
      Expert & Partner, M.Sc (Tech), Forecon Oy

      Thomas Ekvall
      Chief Economist at Prognoscentret AB

      Thomas is head of forecasting at Prognoscentret in Stockholm. He has been analyzing the Nordic construction market for thirteen years from a macroeconomic perspective. His main expertise is knowledge about the development of different parts of the construction market, which range from housing construction down to building materials. He has written both discussion articles and blogs and gives often lectures about the Nordic construction market.

      Nejra Macic
      Chief Economist at Prognosesenteret AS

      Final Programme

      Introduction and practical information

      Introduction and practical information. 


      Post-corona and post-Brexit: More European cooperation or less?

      Speaker: Janne Haaland Matlary, Professor dr. Philos, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

      During the ongoing Corona crisis, the underlying challenges of EU have been more visible then ever. Despite 60 years of tighter and tighter relations – it seems obvious that there still is a very long way to go before the dreams of the founding nations of EU can be fulfilled. The long and chaotic situation linked to the Brexit process has by far not contributed to link the EU countries closer to each other. We now see clear signs of countries seeking more independency, which in some cases strongly resembles nationalism.

      As a consequence of these crisis, though not comparable. Will we see more European cooperation or less? On the 12th of June Janne Haaland Matlary will for certain present a sharp and to-the-point analysis of possible effects following the Corona and Brexit crisis will have on the shaping the future structure of EU

      Janne Haaland Matlary is a Norwegian political scientist, writer, and politician. She is Professor of international politics at the University of Oslo, and served as State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1997–2000.


      European infrastructure sector - Will infrastructure investments drag us through this crisis too?

      Speaker: Tuomas Laitinen, Expert, Partner, M.Sc. Tech, Forecon Oy 
      Construction market forecasts, Russia and the Baltic States


      A sustainable future for Europe - Dream or reality?

      Speaker: Anna Kramers, PhD, KTH Royal Institute of Technology Centre for Sustainable Communications


      The non-residental sector: Testing for infected and immune markets

      Speaker: Josep Ramon Fontana, Head of Market Research and editor of the Spanish country report for Euroconstruct, ITeC 


      Economic policies of Europe: Creaking or cracking?

      Speaker: Christina Nyman, Chief Economist, Handelsbanken

      The economic forecast for Europe given in 2019 for 2020 already showed creaking signs, whereas they were revised down on every updating occasion through the year. But the final consensus still ended up on the positive side with an expected growth of 1,4 % for 2020. All countries where expected to end up with positive figures.
      The ongoing Corona crisis turned this picture upside down. In fact, we now have to describe the situation as cracking. The status per May is that no country expects positive figures. The latest consensus figures are pointing at minus 8 % overall GDP growth, varying from minus 11 % in Greece to minus 4 % in Poland. Unemployment rates are expected to be the worse ever in modern time in both Greece and Spain with unemployment rates close to 20 % this year.
      The chief economist of Handelsbanken – Christina Nyman – will tow us through the roller coaster scenarios expected. We are asking : Is it too late to stop avoid the cracking in the European economies?


      Post-corona: Trends shaping the way of living and working

      Speaker: Fredrik Torberger, Director Citizens & Societies, Kairos Future 


      European housing markets - Will we experience a post-corona roller coaster?

      Speaker: Nejra Macic, Chief Economist, Prognosesenteret AS


      The European construction sector - When will we see the light at the end of the tunnel?

      Speaker: Thomas Ekvall, Chief Economist, Prognoscentret


      Closing remarks


      Webinar Package

      The webinar package includes: 

      • New Country & Summary report, Conference report. For details on contents and reading samples, please see below or visit   
      • Full webinar, live streamed from a top-class studio in Stockholm.
      • Interactivity - ask questions and add feedback throughout the day.   
      • Access to all presentation material after conference day.
      • An extra updated version of the forecast in August 2020 - a one-time exclusive service provided this year due to the uncertainty caused by the corona pandemic.
      • Access to the Euroconstruct network for consultation and advisory services after the webinar.
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